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Fad diets on metabolic syndrome among sedentary women— A systemic review

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Author Details : Swapan Banerjee*

Volume : 4, Issue : 1, Year : 2021

Article Page : 34-40

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Introduction: Current trends show that many people, mainly young generations, are inclined to crash dieting by adopting various fad diets visible in popular search engines. Fad diets may be helpful in very few cases if customized for a particular patient or a person. As per current topics, metabolic syndrome is a severe issue that may be a single disorder or a group of diseases that often affect many people.
Objective: To systematically review and analyze current literature trends on various fad diets and their links with adult populations’ metabolic syndrome.
Materials and Methods: A systemic review was conducted by searching and selecting open-sourced articles in Medline, EMBASE, SCI, Cochrane databases. Free text search and selective vocabulary terms relating to fad diets, crash dieting,weight-loss diet,metabolic syndrome diets, health,etc., were used for an online search. After extensive literature search and filtration of studies, finally, 13 studies were selected for the systemic review with the help of NVIVO 10 software.
Results: ’Word frequency’under the query section was used to analyze word frequency as per criteria. The searching text option was considered at the 40% level by choosing the 20 most frequent display words with five minimum lengths. The study showed the most focussing word ’weight’ with 0.55% and 716 counts followed by ’health’ with 0.41% having 620 counts in the word frequency list among all the 20 most used keywords in all the papers. Similarly, the word ’diet’ was used in 561 counts with 0.43%. The study also demonstrated word cloud figure and cluster analysis by word similarity. Hence there was no need for other
coding and meta-analysis as all papers were imported from Mendeley for review
Conclusion: More research is needed on the fad diet and metabolic syndrome; however, authors are concerned about public health safety.

Keywords: Fad diet, Diet patterns, Health, Metabolic syndrome weight loss heart health.

How to cite : Banerjee S , Fad diets on metabolic syndrome among sedentary women— A systemic review. J Nutr Metab Health Sci 2021;4(1):34-40

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