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Anthropometry based nutritional status and dietary pattern of working adults of Gir Somnath District, Gujarat

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Author Details : Nayana Gajjar*

Volume : 4, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 87-92

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Background: According to World health organization, health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being. Various factors are responsible for good health. One of the important contributors of good health is type of food consumed by the people.
Objectives: To assess the demographic and socio economic factors affecting the food habit and to assess the food pattern and nutritional status prevalent in working adults of Veraval city.
Materials and Methods: 141 adults working in government or non government sectors we arerandomly selected from urban Veraval. Pre tested semi structured questionnaire was used to elicit information on Area,TypesofFamily,Types ofEmployer,Gender, Detailed FoodPattern,Medical history and Nutritional and health status of working adults.
Findings: Mean age range of the sample of (N=141) was found to be 43 years. According to social category it was found that majority of the sample was OBC (48.2%) followed by General (28.4%), SC (12.1%) and ST (11.3%). percent of the population were doing Government jobs followed by 35.5 % Non-Government Jobs among them only 2.1 % were servant and housewife. 30 percent of the sample were found to have Normal (18.9-22.9 kg/m) BMI as well as 33.3% were obese (?25kg/m). Twenty three percent of them were overweight (23-24.9 kg/m) and only 11.3% were underweight (?18.5 kg/m). None of the sample was having the history of Heart related problems, Cancer and Asthma. Fifty nine percent of the sample was vegetarian. Fifty two percent of the sample was consuming meal 3 times a day. Conclusion: Dual Burden of Mal Nutrition was found in working adults of Veraval urban. Also their dietary practices were poor. There need for sensitization of people in workplace setting on healthy diets.

Keywords: Anthropometry, Nutritional status, Dietary pattern, Working Adults Background

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